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What in the world is a “motionmaker”?

That’s a legitimate question. It sounds like something you’d see on an infomercial. But, it’s way better than that – no money down, satisfaction guaranteed!

A motionmaker is an independent video producer, actor, filmmaker or editor who has our official seal of approval. Motionmakers enjoy the full support and endorsement of the Dailymotion team because you ARE part of the team. Think of it as being a member of an elite squad of mercenaries that has one mission: engage and entertain millions of viewers per day. If you’re a creative talent who eats, drinks, and breathes video production, congratulations – you’ve got what it takes to become a motionmaker.

Why should I become a motionmaker?

Not only is it an ice-breaker at parties (“What do you do?” “I’m a motionmaker, no big deal.”), you should also join the program because…

…you could be featured on our homepage – the welcome mat to one of the largest video platforms in the world,
…you could submit to our motionmaker fund to get your next video project financed,
…you’ll be able to participate in contests and festivals with one measly click of your mouse – way easier than “six-click” Sundance,
…you can make your Dailymotion profile all fancy-schmancy with pretty colors and pics and links to your site,
…your masterpiece could be screened at theaters showcasing our best motionmaker videos – an event series we like to call "Cinema Selects",
…you can stream in full 1080p HD, 3D, and LIVE! It’s not even limited to Saturday Nights!
…your videos will get priority encoding and optimization in our internal search engine, meaning you get the VIP express pass to the spotlight,
…you can choose to earn revenue from ads appearing in and around your videos, but again, it’s your call: no ads by default!
…you don’t want to be Forever Alone, do you? Let us help you launch your legendary career,
…and it’s free!